Welcome to Pumpsim™!

Pumpsim™ is designed to simulate pumping and water network systems to greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs for existing sites and future developments.

Pumpsim™ provides the user the tools to:

Pumpsim™ has been designed to make the process of pipe network model analysis as intuitive, informative and easy to use as possible. Pumpsim™ utilises sophisticated 3D graphics, driven by a fully graphical mouse driven interface. Pumpsim™ is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, WINDOWS 7 and WINDOWS 8. The software can also be run on Apple Mac Computers with suitable graphics hardware, running Microsoft Windows under dual boot or emulation.

Pumpsim™ automatically installs as a 32 bit or 64 bit version. The 64 bit version has the ability to utilise additional computer memory, and therefore much larger models can be used. Recommend maximum model sizes are 3,000 pipes for the 32 bit version, and up to 10,000 pipes for 64 bit versions. Increased amounts of DXF reference data can also be set to be displayed in the 64 bit version.