Pumpsim 2.1 Now Available!

Mine SimulationIt’s been full steam ahead with development of Pumpsim™, and we’re pleased to announce that Pumpsim™ 2.1 is now available!

New features and improvements of Pumpsim™ 2.1 include:

  • Improved Performance – Simulations now up to 100x faster (especially Pressure Reducing Valve simulation)
  • Pressure-Sustaining Valve added
  • Fixed Flow for Demand Devices – set constant flow value for demand device output
  • Pump Digitiser – add pump presets to Pumpsim™ by importing pump curve diagrams and setting performance parameters.
  • Improvements to Pipe Optimisation – visualise optimisation data in text and graph formats
  • Orifice Plate – place orifice plates in your model to reduce flow and pressure.
  • Aquifer Simulation – Add aquifers to your model to simulate additional water sources.
  • Hydraulic Gradient – view graph data of pressure along a section of pipe.
  • Improved Summary Report – clearer, easy-to-read summary of simulation result data.

Dynamic Simulation with Pumpsim™ Advanced

The Dynamic Simulation feature of Pumpsim™ Advanced allows for the simulation of pump/pipe model behaviour over a period of time. Scripted events can be created to control behaviour of pumps, tanks and valves within the network.

More Information

Dynamic Simulation

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