PumpSim™ V3.0

Pumpsim™ keeps on improving and we’re pleased to announce that PumpSim™ V3.0 is now available!

New features and improvements of Pumpsim™ 3.0 include:

  • New to simulation – 3D containers: any reference data can now be converted to model bodies of water, i.e. dams, open pits or flooded tunnels.
  • Modelling of power generating turbines (via resistance curves) – Resistance curves and turbine power and efficiency can now be included in simulation
  • New Contaminant simulation add contaminant and simulate spreading throughout the model and "reverse" simulate to find possible source(s) of the contamination
  • Stages – Simulate the different stages of the project in one file
  • New dynamic simulation options – Enter a sequence of time on and off for dynamic simulation
  • New User Interface features – Multiple windows: easily visualize different parts of the mine; Video: Record a movie of the simulation; Measuring tool: easily find a path on the pipe network and generate a graph of available data (i.e., pressure, flow, etc.)

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