Jeff Pilgrim, Director, Newgrange Mine Solutions
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Newgrange Mine Solutions

I have been using Pumpsim now as part of my consulting work for the past 12 months and it has greatly assisted me in designing pipe networks and simulating flow behaviour. The ease-of-use of the software and the excellent 3D visual representation of pump and pipe systems makes design, planning and simulation tasks a dream. My clients have been able to recognise the opportunities to dramatically improve their existing and proposed reticulation systems. This positively impacts on both the effectiveness of their capital investments and decreases their future operational costs. I give Pumpsim two thumbs up!

Arjun Mohan, Mining Engineer, Boliden Mineral AB, Sweden


An underground copper mine needed a complete rethink of its water pumping system to improve its capacity to accommodate deeper mining and better system reliability. The project required detailed planning and pre-calculations for the dewatering system. Pumpsim™ was an effective tool in designing and simulating an effective system for pumping waste water out of our mine.

With an easy-to-use interface and the ability to produce highly accurate results, I would strongly recommend Pumpsim™ for the simulation of mine water systems. The biggest gain for us in this project was the time saved, analysis of different possible options and help in identifying a pump that would suit our needs.