Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – but not simultaneously. A Pumpsim™ license can be easily moved from computer to computer via internet software activation. Once set up, it takes only seconds to transfer activation with an internet connection. For simultaneous access, multiple licenses are available at a lower cost. A USB key option is also available.

University and research licenses are available by special arrangement, please contact us for details.

Pumpsim™ operates under Direct3D, a Microsoft standard introduced over 15 years ago. It is designed to run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7/8/10. Recent computers are likely to have a suitable graphics solution, however older computers (4 years or older) will require a Direct3D compatible graphics card (likely from ATI or NVIDIA). Suitable graphics cards are available for as little as $50.

Your laptop will require 3D graphics hardware. Again an ATI or NVIDIA solution is best, however Pumpsim™ has been successfully tested on low-cost laptops with Intel integrated graphics.

Pumpsim™ is Windows software, however it will run under later model Apple Mac dual-boot systems with Windows installed. Try the free viewer if in doubt.

Pumpsim™ can utilise DXF strings and solids from any CAD or Mine Planning software package. These strings can be developed quickly into a Pumpsim™ model by assigning pipe/pump attributes in Pumpsim™. Extensions to Pumpsim™ models can be added at any time in the future from DXF files. Pumpsim™ has only a limited capacity to export the pipe flow DXF back into other CAD or Mine Planning software as the pipe/pump attributes are lost during export.